3 Ways to Perform Basic Upkeep On Your Garage Door System

When your summer activities are finished and everyone is taking to the indoors for the rest of the season, sometimes it’s best to tidy up that garage before the brunt of winter hits your town. Today we’re going to discuss ways to keep your garage door tidy during all seasons, and why you should do so. It’s important to keep your garage in order at all times, and there are several reasons for this. Not only does it prevent accidents, problems with your door, and safety issues, but it allows you to work uninhibited when you need to when your work space is clear.

Sweep Leaves and Debris From The FloorBasic Upkeep On Your Garage Door System

You should always keep your garage floor well swept and debris-free. The reason for this is that your safety sensors are prone to picking up other objects, even small ones, in the way of the laser beam that governs garage door safety. By cleaning up this debris, you are ensuring that your garage door safety system is intact and that nothing stands in the way between your family and safety! A garage door is nothing to think lightly of, and your safety system is pivotal in keeping everyone free from harm. Take measures against that system becoming ineffective and sweep leaves and debris from your garage door floor.

Organize Items in Garage

The items in your garage may range from large power tools, to small screwdrivers, and parts of all kinds. These are all important tools used for your productivity, but even more importantly, your tools of productivity don’t have to collide. When you organize your garage items, you reduce the likelihood that the items in the garage won’t collide with the moving parts of the garage door when it opens or closes. This is important for both the health of your door, and the productivity created by your working space. Organize the items in your garage for best results and highest level of productivity.


We can’t stress this enough, but a good garage door is a lubricated garage door. Not only does your garage door hinges, springs, and screws need lubrication, but without it your door may bind in colder weather, and you may find yourself with a door that refuses to open due to a false detect created by too much resistance from the dry rails. Lubrication solves this, and other longevity problems you may have. Don’t wait to get started on proper garage door maintenance. Not only do you have the professional garage door servicemen at your side, but there are a number of ways you can make your door last longer, with proper professional maintenance, even on your own. Trust Reliable Garage Door Repair for all your garage door needs!

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