5 Garage Door Styles Worth Considering

At times, it is difficult for us to make simple decisions when money is a part of the equation. One of these decisions is installation of residential garage door styles in your home garage- When buying a new home, but especially if you’re thinking about upgrading. There are 5 main residential garage door types to choose from, which we’ve listed below. Each and every design has it merits and demerits. Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Sectional Garage Door

This is the most frequently used of the residential garage door styles. It is divided into sections which are fastened together by hinges.


  • They are efficient to use. Additional hinges and padding can add to the efficiency leading to lower heating and electric bill.
  • They can be customized to match your house scheme and color style.
  • They can be installed in small spaces as well.


  • Frequent maintenance is required as it is comprised of more than one moving part hinged together.
  • Due to their market demand, may seem expensive.
  • It requires additional ceiling space to operate.

Garage Door Styles Worth Considering

2. Roller Doors


They are usually used in shops but can be used at homes to save space as well.


  • They are simple in design and hence simple to use due to fewer moving parts.
  • They require lesser space to operate.
  • They are relatively safer in harsh and windy weather conditions as they are robust in nature.
  • They can be easily used on a manual scale.


  • The color selection is one time and cannot be changed.
  • The horizontal line design is the only design it comes in.
  • Although simple in design, it may cost a fortune to buy and install.

3. Single Panel Garage Door

They swing open on one point to open and close.


  • They are reflective of vintage garage door styles. Therefore homes of old age can get these to become modern and keep the vintage vibe at the same time.
  • They are easy to use and can be operated manually as well.
  • They are usually not costly.


  • They require swinging space especially outside the garage.
  • They are attached on one point and hence may not be highly durable.
  • They are spring based which requires constant maintenance.

4. Side Hinged Garage Door

This residential garage door style is installed in two pieces.


  • One door can be opened for easy and quick access.
  • Simple to use and maintain.
  • Easy to operate manually.


  • It cannot be automated easily rather avoided.
  • It is less safe than vertically installed doors.

5. Retractable Up and Down Garage Door

They are a type of single panel garage door.


  • Smooth and quite automatic operation.
  • Also easier to use manually.


  • It takes more space inside the garage than any other residential garage door type.
  • It is a complex system. This means that more parts are installed to complete the system. More parts usually mean more chances of failure and high maintenance frequency.

Traditional two car wooden garage


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