Garage Door Safety Tips for Your Family

When it comes to your garage, regular garage door maintenance should not be the only thing you consider. It’s also important to understand the potential safety issues that may exist with your garage door, and how to avoid injuries.

Although it’s rare, an overhead door is heavy enough that it can cause death. Parts like the springs can also cause significant injury.

To help keep your family safe and your garage door in tip-top shape, use these garage door safety tips.

Restrict Playing Around Your Garage DoorGarage Door Safety Tips for Your Family

The rules for garage door safety are simple and similar to other common home features like swimming pools and machinery.

Here are some basic rules that you should enforce for your kids when they are around your garage door at home:

  • No running around the garage door.
  • No walking under the garage door when it’s moving.
  • No operating the garage door without an adult present.
  • No climbing on the garage door or its springs.

Since garage door openers are simple enough for a child to operate, it’s essential that kids learn to respect the garage door as a heavy and potentially dangerous part of the home. You may also wish to keep the remote controls hidden.

Never Modify, Stretch, or Move the Springs

The garage door springs are large and can become rather fierce opponents if you decide to loosen them or fix them without a professional help. In fact, the only way for the springs and cables to provide enough strength for the door is by putting them under intense pressure.

One of the reasons you may need to arrange for a service call for your overhead door is a problem with the springs or cables. Even if the large springs are secure and in place, they can become loose and injure anyone who happens to stand nearby. It’s natural for springs to loosen and require attention over time, and a regular inspection reduces the likelihood of breakage and injuries.

Don’t Attempt to Fix the Garage Door Opener

One of the most common issues garage door owners face is a set of dead batteries in the remote. Replacing the batteries to the remote is an easy task that anyone can accomplish. However, if you replace the batteries and find that your garage door still won’t operate, it’s important to realize that taking the opener apart can cause serious injury because of its connection to the power system.

If it seems as though your garage door opener is malfunctioning, you should consider shutting off the power or breaker to the garage to avoid potential injury. You should also keep the cars outside the garage for a few days until a professional can come by to repair your garage door.

Remain Clear of the Overhead Door Whenever it MovesGarage Door Safety Tips for Your Family

Both children and adults should always stay clear of the garage door when it moves. Although garage doors feature sensors that will reverse the door’s direction when something blocks the door, it’s still a good idea to remain away from the door while it is in operation. Doors can pinch, scrape, or cut someone who stands too close, so it’s best to let the garage door do its job only when everyone stands clear.

Leave Your Garage Door Maintenance to the Professionals

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