Garage Door Trends for Your Home

One of the goals of modern design in homes is the balance of function and style. Features like garage doors should not only function efficiently, but they should also improve the façade of the home through excellent design.

Upgrading to a new garage door at your home represents a solid return-on-investment since the value of your home should increase more than the base cost of the garage door. However, the “curb appeal” and improvement in your home’s appearance is also an excellent reason to upgrade or replace the garage door.

Currently, a garage door can increase the list price of your home anywhere from one to four percent. That means you could spend $2,000 on a new overhead door and enjoy an increase in your home’s sale price of up to $8,000. However, getting the most value out of your door depends on reaching that ideal balance of curb appeal and functionality.

What Type of Garage Doors are “Hot” Today?Garage Door Trends for Your Home

Trends in garage doors come and go, but the long-familiar types of roll-up garage doors tend to remain constant for residential homes and buildings. The garage doors on your home may need to accommodate a certain type of vehicle, or they might need to be chosen based on the size or design of your garage.

The most popular trend in new garage doors today are carriage house doors. The doors are styled to appear as though they open outward, but they actually roll up, just like the garage doors you probably already have at your home. While there are some carriage doors out there that do, indeed, pull outward instead of rolling up, actual carriage house doors aren’t as functional in most residential spaces.

With the growing popularity of the carriage house overhead door style, manufacturers have created many different decorative styles with a variety of beautifully etched windows, carved wood faces, and fancy hardware (like handles and hinges). A carriage house garage door isn’t going to look appropriate within every architectural style, but it’s something to consider as you begin your search for a new overhead door.

Contemporary & Modern Garage Doors

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to update the exterior of their home with a new color of paint, a new exterior material, updated windows, and a new garage door. Very often, the new style will transform the home from a 20th-century style or a midcentury style to something ultra-modern or extremely contemporary.

The garage door you choose – particularly if your garage door makes up a significant portion of your home’s front façade – can have a dramatic impact on the overall style of your home. If you want to make a dramatic change, your garage door is an excellent way to do that without breaking the bank.

Ultra-modern doors may be made of steel or look like they’re made of a type of metal (even if they’re actually wood that’s designed to mimic the appearance of metal). They may also feature a line of frosted windows that provides privacy to the occupants of the home while also allowing light to enter the garage during the day.

Upgrade Your Overhead Door With Reliable Garage Door Repair

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