How to Know If You Should Adjust Your Garage Door Springs?

Garage doors pose serious safety risks when incorrectly installed or maintained. We thought, with the advent of automated doors and handles, the dangers were gone. But unfortunately, garage door accidents and fatalities are still prevalent. What is even more life-threatening are poorly maintained garage door springs, which later results in fatal accidents or costlier repairs or replacements. Spring malfunction is one of the most common types of problems concerning garage doors. Some signs indicate damage and reasons that lead to issues, but before everything else…

What Is a Garage Door Spring?

The standard overhead doors used in most residential garages have either of the two types – torsion springs or extension springs. Both the types function to pull the garage door, countering the force of gravity, making the door feel weightless. Even upon closing, the springs are fully loaded, have a lot of power to relax, and not as much weight to hold. Industrial doors that open up straight, without a horizontal track, don’t use springs but have a drum system. Residential garages, on the other hand, either use torsion springs or extension ones – never both.

In simple words, the garage door spring is a tiny yet critical part that takes the torque and makes the door easier to lift. So, whichever springs you have, lubrication must be your priority. Life of the springs isn’t measured with days or years but in cycles (number of times it has opened and closed). The more cycles the springs have to perform, the earlier they wear out. And you must ideally change them before breakage. Surprise failures are bound to happen, but if you know the springs are going bad, replace them.

A bit more information – extension springs are on either side of the door, stretching like a slinky upon closure. These are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and compact. But they have a jerky motion and fly off in the air when broken. Torsion springs, on the other hand, are easy performing, simpler to maintain, but expensive and ideal for medium or big size garage doors. These are mounted at right angles at the back of the horizontal track or above the door opening. These have a rotational motion to not pop out of place when broken.

Whichever type works for you, make sure the springs serve their purpose and are well-maintained.

What Causes Spring Failures?adjust your garage door springs

When your garage door stops working, it’s likely due to some adjustment issues with the spring or it going bad. This is common to happen, and a professional repairer can help you breeze through the challenge. But, there are a handful of (preventable) reasons why the springs malfunction. The common ones include the following:

  • Good quality torsion springs, for instance, last about 10,000 cycles. But, several running cycles lead to quick wear and tear shortening the lifespan of the springs.
  • Rust buildup results from inadequate lubrication and leads to massive friction, which is enough to weaken the garage door springs.
  • Everyone wants to save money. Hence, those cost-saving schemes may land you with additional troubles and expenses.
  • Not to mention, poor maintenance routine causes spring failures time and again. Most care is required during winters (as the metal shrinks), and if you don’t check upon them, accumulated wear and tear, plus the weather’s harshness, can reduce the spring’s life even further.
  • And just in case you have incorrect garage door springs installed, the door is likely to fail sooner or later, causing costlier damages as well.

Finally, How Can You Identify Spring Adjustments?

When the upkeep measures mentioned above aren’t taken care of, adjustments are being asked for! Unexpected failure may happen anytime, but if you’re taking care and there still is a sign of replacement, then contact a professional. But what are those signs? Look for these:

  • The garage door might seem to open just fine, but only up to a few inches, and then it refuses to go any farther.
  • The door can be creating a crashing sound, and you are most likely to think someone’s breaking in – but it’s just the spring.
  • Since the weight of the garage door is too heavy, spring re-adjustment can be signaled from this very aspect. If the springs aren’t in good condition, the door would just drop abruptly instead of getting down gently.
  • There can be obstructions accumulating – grease, oil, dust, debris, or other such things that may gum up the working of the spring.
  • The spring isn’t functional if you are unable to open the garage door even with the red emergency rope or rod.
  • The movements might become crooked as opposed to being smooth and powerful.
  • Disconnect the garage opening and then manually push it up – if the door floats, you’re good to go, but if it falls back, there’s a problem.

Now that you’re aware of the signs and reasons of a spring failure, how to repair the same?

Contact Reliable Garage Door Repair!

Homeowners and confident DIYer can themselves make spring adjustments, provided they carry out the necessary steps and have the required tools. Else, the process is dangerous, especially with torsion springs. But, if you need help with garage door spring adjustments, we are here for your assistance. Our team of skilled technicians at Reliable Garage Door Repair are highly trained and experienced in just that! So, leave the specialized tasks to the pros – call us at 469-778-4241, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with just any aspect related to your garage door repairs anywhere in or around Texas.

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