How to Test a Garage Door for Child Safety

Today’s newest garage doors are equipped with sensors that detect when an impediment is in the way during movement. If working correctly, the sensors will signal the door to stop moving and reverse its course. This allows the child or other impediment time to move so they are not crushed by the door moving downward.

However, not all doors are new enough that they feature these sensors making it very important to understand how to test a garage door. This is particularly true if you have children living in the home.

By performing monthly checks and having the occasional inspection done by Reliable Garage Door Repair, you can prevent garage door accidents from occurring with these tips.

Tips for Testing Your Garage DoorTest a Garage Door for Child Safety

Overhead Door Photo Sensor Test

Newer garage doors tend to feature photo sensors that act to reverse the garage door when an impediment is detected. These garage doors are exceptionally easy to test because you don’t actually have to place anything under the garage door to see if the sensor is working. Simply blocking one of the photo sensors is enough to tell you whether your garage door is working correctly.

Since some garage doors that are older do not feature photo sensors, the only option you have with those doors is to place an object in the way of the garage door as it is moving. Be sure that is an object that you do not mind getting damaged.

If you’re not confident in checking your own door, a quick visit from an expert or an overhead door technician is worth a seasonal appointment.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

If you have children living in your home, and you have an old garage door that doesn’t have a sensor on it, you may want to consider a new garage door installation that features photo sensors.

While an old garage door may function well, it could also put a child in danger if he or she walks under the door while it is moving. In fact, if your children are under the age of ten, an overhead door with an automatic reverse sensor is a very important safety measure that is highly recommended.

Teach Children How to Behave Around Garage Doors

A properly functioning garage door is essential for the safety, security, and convenience of everyone in the household. However, it’s also important to teach children simple lessons in overhead door safety. Just as a child is taught to look both ways before he or she crosses the street, it’s also important to learn a basic lesson about garage doors.

When teaching he or she the safety precautions, make it clear that just like the cars and trucks that are usually stored inside the garage, garage doors are also only operated by adults. It is a good idea to also ensure a child doesn’t have access to the garage door remote, too.

Ensure Garage Door Safety with Reliable Garage Door Repair

Are you concerned about your old garage door? Are you thinking about overhead door installation? Do you require garage door repair for your photo sensors or garage door opener? Contact the efficient technicians at Reliable Garage Door Repair, and we’ll make sure your garage door is safe and working properly.

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