What is the most popular style of residential garage doors?

With residential property values rising in North Texas day by day, homeowners are spending heavily on improving the curb appeal of their home. The home improvement projects also include updating their garage door for improving curb appeal, and for practical reasons. Your garage takes a lot of space in your outdoor area. So, choosing the right style will play a major role in uplifting the curb appeal. There are so many styles to choose from as they vary in terms of style, material and durability.

While every residential property is different, and the homeowners have some specific styles in mind, there are some garage door styles that are popular among the homeowners. We have identified some popular reliable garage door styles and will tell you about them in detail here.

Here are the major three types.

TraditionalMost popular style of residential garage doors

Traditional style garage doors are either made of steel or wood. The basic feature of this type of door is the raised panels. The panels are generally rectangular in shape and are uniformly positioned across the width and height of the door.


Fashionable or contemporary style garage doors balance the look of modern homes. They have clean lines with few visual distractions. You will find these doors made of steel, aluminum, wood or glass. You can also install them in different colors. You also have the option of installing windows on these garage doors.

Carriage house style

Carriage house style garage doors look like swing-out doors. But, these days, you will find these doors that open overhead, rather than swinging out. You can also get these doors customized with windows and exterior hardware. A professional garage door installation expert in North Texas can help you in customizing your garage door to meet your taste, needs and budget.

Style of garage door to match the style of homes

When choosing a garage door for your residential property, it helps to choose a style that complements the style of your home. Across North Texas, you will see different styles of homes. They are built as per the needs and personal taste of the owner. If your goal is to make your residential property eye-catching, you should pick a garage door that coordinates with the overall look and feel of your home.

Listed below are some garage door styles according to the style of your home.

Colonial-style homes

As the name suggests, a colonial-style house dates back to the colonial era. This style homes are symmetrical and have the front door in the center. You will find equal numbers of windows on both sides of the door. These homes also have steep roofs. They are not flashy and have a simple design. So, you need to choose a design that pairs well with the simple design.

Country-style home

Country style homes have a lot of similarities with the colonial types but with newer features and more details like large porches and windows. As they resemble colonial-style homes in many respect, many garage door styles that work well with colonial types will match with country style homes.

Ranch-style home

Ranch-style homes are single story homes. The inside of the home has open concept surface plan. It means you can see the living, dining and kitchen areas from anywhere. Garage doors with minimal design can work best with them.

Cottage-style home

Often cottage-style homes will remind you of fairy tales. If you have this kind of home, you should think of having an attractive garage door to best complement the quaint feel of this style.

Farmhouse-style home

Farmhouse-style homes have large windows and porches. Garage doors that work for carriage style homes can nicely blend with these homes. You should choose one that blends with the feel of your home.

Modern-style home

Modern-style homes have a minimalistic design. They have a flat roof and straight lines and wide windows. Inside, there is minimal design and the lines are clear. The ideal garage door for this kind of homes features modern materials that go along with the décor.

Hope you found the above information helpful in making the right choice. Along with styles, you should also make sure you are partnering with a professional garage door service provider in North Texas. Go with a service provider that has a team of capable craftsmen in the business. They should use the highest quality materials for your garage door installation project. Completing the project on time is also a big consideration. Excellent communication, accurate estimates and project planning should not be overlooked while working with a service provider.

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