Overhead Garage Storage Options

We all want to make the use of spare space the best we can, but not many of us know where to get started. If you are planning to organize your garage storage then let this article be a good starting place. We’ve laid out 4 great options you can follow in order to utilize the overhead garage storage space. These four garage hacks not only utilize the space well but also enables you to fit in more things and make the best use of your garage.

Overhead Shelves

Suspended shelves are a great use for various purposes like storage of spare garage material or any larger tools you frequently use. You can build these overhead shelves easily by following these directions. These shelves keep the purpose of storing multiple things and aid best by using the unused space just above the garage door. Let’s see how to create these shelves.

First, measure the required space to create shelves. Make sure you have space for at least 16 inches. The width and height of the shelves are all up to you, you can design it according to your requirements. Making sure you have the right weight capacity for what you want to store is also an important factor to consider.

Before you begin throwing items up there for storage, make sure you make the more frequently items of use easier to access as you’ll need a stepladder to reach these things. It is best to use these shelves to keep bins where you’ll store things not used as often. Typically, these will be seasonal items like Christmas decorations.

Once you have made the wooden frame of the shelves, analyze which way the trusses run and then hang the shelf support from 3 adjacent joists. Once it’s done, attach the corner braces on both the sides of the shelf to balance it well. Nail both the ends to make a stronger grip enabling the shelf to hold a good amount of weight. Make sure the shelf supports are in alignment with each other and now finish the process by attaching a 3/8-in. x 4-ft. x 6-ft. plywood floor.Overhead Garage Storage Options

Bike Hooks

Bikes are often the most common point of garage clutter. Everyone has them and they always seem to get left around in the most inconvenient places. Well, now you can store them very easily and get them out of the way by hanging them on the bicycle hooks. There are certain things to note before attaching hooks, not all the hooks can uplift the weight of your bicycle so make sure you attach the right hooks to stable beams.

The other option is the pulley system which is another easy and inexpensive way to store everyone’s bikes. It can lift up to 100 lbs. and has the safest mechanism which will keep your bike safe from all kinds of damage. You can easily attach the pulley by attaching the brackets to the ceiling with hooks and screws. Make sure your bike will be hanging down 4 ft. so your trusses have to space well to make the good balance of your bike.

Ladder Rack

Extension ladders come in great use but if they are properly laid on the ceiling. If you want to save the space of the wall, then it is best advised to lay the extension ladder flat and attach it to the ceiling with the help of the brackets. You can attach the extension ladder by simply sliding one end of the ladder into one bracket, then lift and slide the other end into the other bracket.

Add More Brackets

For example, wheelbarrows are heavy and consume a lot of space if not stored properly. They do not give your lawn corners a good look, so it is best to store them in your garage space. It is very simple to store the wheelbarrow, just attach the brackets to the wall, lift up the wheelbarrow and hang it. You can simply set the front lip of the wheelbarrow into the lower bracket and swipe the backup and into a latching upper bracket. To get the wheelbarrow down, just unfasten the upper bracket and swing it down. Push the wheelbarrow up so the front lip drops into the lower bracket, then raise the handles to the wall. Once the hanging is complete, attach the lower bracket to the stud with wood screws below the mark. Now mark the upper bracket location and attach the bracket to the stud.

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