Preventing Garage Door Break Ins

If you’ve never seen the Internet-famous trick to getting into a garage door within seconds, you probably should. If you have, you’ve probably been worried about it, sure, but never taken any steps to ensure your belongings, yours, or your families’ safety. Today, the professionals at Reliable Garage Door Repair want to address this important garage door safety and security threat that could really end in a lot more tragedy than most of us think.

The Dangers of Negligence To Your SecurityPreventing Garage Door Break Ins

Allowing any access to your garage can be dangerous on so many levels. First of all, when most of us think about a break in, the subject breaking in is thought of as a layman, who may or may not possess real ability in getting himself into locked or secured buildings. What most doesn’t realize is that if there’s a thief confident enough to go through with a break-in, it’s more likely than not that he’s also knowledgeable enough to get through most normal door locks, window locks, and the like.

Once they’re in to your garage, they’re probably able to get into your house then as well. Not only will they possess access to all of the items in your garage, (which for many people is all of the expensive power-tools and other such items) but your inner garage door is not necessarily locked every-time someone leaves the house, and your entire home is in danger. Here are a couple of ways to remedy this problem.

Put Insulation Up

One way you can substantially decrease your risk of break-in, is to put insulation at the corners of your garage door. Not only does this put a barrier in the way of a thief’s main method of breaking in, but it will keep sounds, and extreme temperatures in and out of your garage.

Lock Your Doors

Lock your doors every single time you leave your home. This is crucial to making sure that your belongings and family are kept safe. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a break-in, and knowing that there was a door that you didn’t lock.

Tie Up The Cord Of The Garage Door

By tying the cord that thieves use for tripping the safety release of your door, you’re ensuring that they’ll find it more difficult to make it in to your home, and perhaps might think it too risky or too much trouble. Thieves are cowards, which is exactly why they’ve resorted to taking what others have. If you present a situation that is any bit risky you’ve made a thief very uncomfortable with breaking into your home. That’s what you’re going for.

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