Why do garage doors get stuck? How do you fix them?

As an expert in both commercial as well as residential garage door repair markets, we have dealt with almost all types of issues you may think of when it comes to repairing garage doors. While there are instances when you can fix simple issues yourself, but there will be scenarios when you will need the help of a professional garage door repair company in North Texas to address the issues in a professional way. Knowing what the issue with your garage door is can help you in identifying whether you can deal with it yourself or you need the help of a professional to fix the problem.

To help you identify and fix your garage door issues, here are the top reasons why your garage door can get stuck or stop working.

The springs are broken

One of the main reasons for your garage door not working is the broken torsion springs. If the transmitter and the motor are working normal but the door is not going up, then you may have the issue of broken springs. Call a professional to fix the issue as these can be complex to work with. Don’t open the door until the problem is fixed. Over time, springs may break and need replacing as they can be used for a certain number of times only.

The garage door is locked manuallyWhy do garage doors get stuck

There can be a situation when the door does not open even if the springs and track appear to be fine. You should check whether the lock on the door is engaged or not. Although you will find very few garage doors with manual locks these days, especially the older models, they provide maximum security to the house. If the door is manually locked, just turn the handle until you hear a clicking sound.

The batteries in the transmitter are dead

The transmitter in your garage door needs the power to run and this is only possible with the help of batteries. If the batteries are dead, the transmitter will not work or send an indication to your garage door to work. Changing the batteries is simple. You can just slide open the door on the back of the transmitter to take out the battery. In some cases, they are fixed nicely to keep the battery more secure. In such cases, you will need a screwdriver to open. Replace the batteries and test the transmitter. If it works, it is fine. But if still, you find any issues, call the experts.

Obstruction in the door path

Garage doors are made with a reversing mechanism. This mechanism prevents them from crushing objects in the door path. If you observe the door closes halfway and then goes back up again, it can be due to hindrance in the path such as garbage, cans or toys. It can also be because of the deposition of debris that prevents the rollers from moving forward. You should conduct an inspection to see if something is blocking the door path. It is also good to proactively wipe the tracks on a routine basis to avoid this kind of situation.

Insufficient lubrication

Proper lubrication of the track and the opener chain are required for their efficient working. If they are not, the door can get stuck while opening or closing. So, add more lubrication to these parts. Use standard lubricating machine oil for this purpose.

Your garage door track is out of alignment

If the track of your garage door is misaligned, it is a big problem. The track should be aligned properly for the smooth running of the door. If there are gaps between the rollers and rail, then there is an issue. When the track is misaligned but the door still moves, you can try to fix the issue yourself. But if the door does not move at all, you should seek the help of a professional North Texas garage door repair company. They are well-equipped with the relevant equipment to realign and do any type of repair work that is needed. In case if the garage door is unrepairable, the experts will advice you to install a new garage door track for you.

Weather can also be a good reason

Sudden or extreme weather conditions can cause your garage door to get stuck while opening or closing. This generally happens because the springs get frozen or the lubricants get dried up. This can hinder the functionality of your garage door.

Poor installation

Poor installation of your garage door can also be a reason. That is why it is recommended getting it installed by a trained and experienced professional. Before the installation, make sure the professional is experienced and have the necessary skills to correctly install the door.

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