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Need Commercial Overhead Door Repair in North Texas?

Experiencing a garage door issue is a hassle when you’re a homeowner, but it can turn into a nightmare if you own a business that relies on a functional overhead door. When you need fast, professional, and worry-free overhead door repair, Reliable Garage Door Repair is your partner for all repairs whether they’re a replacement of the garage door opener, a full upgrade and new garage door installation, or repair of a cosmetic issue, like a broken window or dislodged panel.

When you choose to contact us for your overhead door repair, you’ll enjoy fast service from a knowledgeable and polite installation crew who will get to the bottom of the problem and create a plan for repair that will take as little of your time as possible. We know that downtime for any business is expensive, and we’ll come prepared to the appointment with all the tools necessary to repair your overhead door.

Not only are we experts in overhead door installation, but the professionals of Reliable Garage Door Repair are also able to diagnose any problem with a commercial overhead door.

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We Come Prepared for All Overhead Door Repair Needs

Your garage door serves your business well each day, and you might use it twice a day at the start and end of the business day, or you might use it constantly as delivery trucks arrive at your loading dock. Any interruption to your regularly scheduled business appointments can have a detrimental effect on your bottom-line, and that’s why we come prepared with the right garage door parts so that we can get started on repair work as quickly as possible.

Imagine you arrive at work for the morning rush and your overhead door has a giant dent in it, which means you can’t open it more than a few feet. You’re not sure how the damage happened, but the problem needs to go away as quickly as possible. Reliable Garage Door Repair can conduct emergency garage door repair at any time, or we can schedule a repair visit at any time when it’s most convenient for you.

If the overhead door (or doors) at your business has started to malfunction and the problem is causing delays and hassles for your company, contact Reliable Garage Door Repair immediately, and we’ll diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. Even if it’s the middle of the night, you can rely on our emergency garage door repair to make sure your overhead door is brought back to good working order in no time.

If your overhead door has served your business well for many years, it’s not too unexpected that a problem could develop, requiring some basic garage door repair and maintenance.

From misaligned tracks to bent springs, and malfunctioning garage door openers, we have the garage door parts, pieces, and knowledge to fix any issue with your overhead door in North Texas.

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Common Issues with Commercial Overhead Doors

Sometimes, the garage door problem you experience is easy to diagnose. It might be that one of the tracks on your commercial roll-up door has become misaligned, which means you can’t close or open the door. You could also need garage door service to replace a panel on the front that came loose the last time you closed the door, which created a security issue due to the open hole in the door.

Your problem could also have a cause that’s not immediately obvious to a casual onlooker. There could be a problem with the motor on the garage door opener, or one of the safety eyes could be misaligned, which could prevent your overhead door from opening or closing. Because the professionals of Reliable Garage Door Repair have decades of experience in garage door repair, you can rest assured that we’ll get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as possible.

One of the best ways to avoid unexpected garage door repair is through regular maintenance and attention paid to your overhead door. You don’t have to be an expert to notice when something isn’t working quite right with your commercial overhead door. We can assist with any problem you’re facing, whether it’s catastrophic failure of the garage door opener or it’s a straightforward issue like a misaligned track that needs to be moved back into place.

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During our diagnosis of the problem, we may find one or more of the following issues:

A problem with a spring. Your door may operate with large springs on either side, and these springs are often very large and under intense pressure when they’re part of a large, commercial overhead door. Over time, it’s not unexpected that you may see one of the springs become bent out of place or become stretched.

A broken garage door opener. After you’ve reset the breakers and replaced the batteries in the remotes, it’s possible that your garage door opener still won’t function. We can diagnose the issue quickly and suggest the best option for fixing the opener whether it’s full replacement or a repair of a specific part.

A bent or broken panel. Sometimes, an overhead door will feature panels or windows that can become dislodged over time or become broken after an accident. We can replace bent or broken pieces of your overhead door since we keep a full array of garage door parts on hand for all garage door service and repair needs.

Bent tracks or dislodged rollers. If your garage door rolls up and down on a track, a slight movement of the track can make it impossible to open or close the door. Some movement is expected over time because of the natural settling of the building, but too much settling can eventually cause noise and movement problems.

Reliable Garage Door Repair

Experienced. Fast. Reliable.

Our experts are here to help 24/7.

Reliable Garage Door Repair


Arrange for Swift Commercial Garage Door Repair with Reliable Garage Door Repair

With professional overhead door installation, you should have no problems with your garage door for many years, especially if you arrange for regular garage door service visits from Reliable Garage Door Repair. However, it’s almost inevitable that something will go wrong with your garage door eventually, and it’s helpful to know an experienced company that has provided garage door repair to customers and business owners across North Texas for many decades.

Rely on the knowledgeable experts of Reliable Garage Door Repair for all work related to your commercial overhead door whether you need overhead door installation, garage door replacement, or emergency garage door repair.

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