Garage Door Replacement

Do I Need Garage Door Replacement?

The garage door on your home offers you faithful service every day, but the moving parts of this essential feature eventually break and require garage door repair.

Maybe it’s a bent track one month and a broken panel the next. At a certain point, you’ll find that you have your overhead door service crew on speed-dial because there’s always something going wrong with your old door. Perhaps it’s time for garage door replacement with help from Reliable Garage Door Repair.

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North Texas Garage Door Replacement

Our professional technician will arrive at your home with a full inventory of parts to repair your garage door including springs, brackets, cables and even your garage door opener. However, sometimes your garage door may be beyond repair. For these circumstances replacing your residential garage door may be your best option.

Here are a few reasons why our certified technician may suggest you replace your garage door:

  • Your garage door does not pass inspection or safety regulations.
  • Your garage door brand and model was recalled for defects.
  • Your garage door is inoperable.
  • Your garage door brand and/or model no longer exist and the parts are not available.

Why Replace My Garage Door?

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to have a new garage door installed. For some homeowners, an upcoming sale prompts a call to a garage door replacement crew who can install a new door and improve the curb appeal of the home. For other homeowners, the old and rickety nature of an old garage door is reason enough to consider replacement.

If you need a replacement garage door for you home, look no further than Reliable Garage Door Repair. Replacing your residential garage door can be a headache, but not when you allow Reliable Garage Door Repair to help you. Our trained technicians will assist you in determining whether your garage door can be repaired or if it is more cost-effective to replace it instead. Using our Five-Star Service Inspection, we will check all the components of your residential garage door to help you make a safe and sound decision.

With over 30 years’ experience, you can trust Reliable Garage Door to ensure your replacement garage door is safe and secure.

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When to Replace a Garage Door

Some of the problems you may see on an old overhead door that needs replacement include:

Rotted Wood: If you have an old wood garage door, you can maintain the door for many years with regular painting or staining, but many doors reach a point where the amount of time and money spent maintaining the door exceeds what might be spent on a new door.

Warped Metal: Some settling and movement are natural in any home, and a garage door’s tracks, springs, and rollers can become problematic over time. These items are fixable when your garage door is young, but they can become habitual problems with an old door.

Broken Panels: Over time, panels that make up your garage door may become aged and begin to separate from the garage door. While you can order garage door parts to replace the first few panels, it’s best to consider garage door replacement when too many panels become dislodged.

Malfunctioning Opener: Your garage door opener is one of the most convenient features of your home, and it’s a huge hassle when it breaks. When your garage door opener breaks, you might need a new opener with modern features.

With the experience our garage experts bring to each garage door installation appointment, you’ll enjoy quick service and the ability to get back to your regular schedule without the hassles of a malfunctioning overhead door or broken garage door parts.

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Repairing a garage door

Enjoy the Best in the Business with Reliable Garage Door Repair

Replacing the garage door on your home is a fast and effective way to improve the appearance of your home, and it’s also great to receive peace of mind regarding the safety, security, and appearance of your new door.

We can even help you choose a new type of overhead door if you’re interested in changing the appearance of your home. Out of all the home improvement projects you can plan for your home, your garage door is one of the most impactful and is also a project that is swiftly completed, even if you’re getting a completely new style of door.

Are you not sure about your current residential garage door? Do you think it may be time to for a garage door replacement? Call our certified technicians at (469) 778-4241 to help you get the best garage door replacement for your home.