Garage Door Installation

Professional Garage Door Installation in North Texas

 As the one-stop shop for all of your North Texas residential garage door needs, our expert technicians work to install your garage door quickly. We furnish and install everything your residential garage door will need to work properly, efficiently, and safely for you and your family.

To ensure your garage door is safe after installation, our trained technicians use our 5 Star Service Inspection that checks for:

  • Garage door balance and alignment.
  • Condition of hinges, brackets and rollers.
  • Opener force adjustments and limit adjustments.
  • Spring condition and tension.
  • Cable condition and tension.

There is always a crew ready to help you with your garage door installation at Reliable Garage Door Repair. As a premier source for overhead door installation and repair in the North Texas area, the skilled and courteous professionals of Reliable Garage Door Repair have experience installingall kinds of garage doors from carriage house doors to roll-up doors.

Before you try to undertake garage door replacement on your own, know that the task isn’t as easy as opening up a can of paint and putting a new color on the house. The garage door on your home may weigh several hundred pounds and have a taut set of springs holding it in place.

Due to the immense pressure under which these springs operate, the best person to remove your old door and install a new overhead door in North Texas is the team at Reliable Garage Door Repair.

Installing a garage door
Exterior of garage door

When is Garage Door Replacement Necessary?

Taking care of the devices and features within your home ensures that you can adhere to an affordable budget where you aren’t constantly paying for repairs to items that haven’t been serviced in years. Getting garage door service or an inspection can help you determine when you might need overhead door repair or when the system has failed, and garage door replacement has become a necessary task.

If you think about it, a garage door opens and closes several times a week, and it may even open and close several times a day. It’s not common for homeowners to have a set schedule for when they might need new garage door parts or repair, and the sudden need for a new door often surprises homeowners who are otherwise up-to-date on the regular servicing of items like the water heater and the roof.

Reliable Garage Door Repair

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Reliable Garage Door Repair


Fast Garage Door Installation in North Texas

The professionals of Reliable Garage Door Repair can work quickly to replace your garage door. We come prepared with the tools necessary for the job, and we can even help you choose a new door that may improve the “curb appeal” of your home, increase its overall value, and offer better security than your old garage door.

Consider, too, the hassle of removing your old garage door from your property, should you choose to attempt the replacement on your own. With our service, we take away your old, broken door, and you don’t have to worry about an unsightly heap of metal sitting on your front lawn until you can find a way to transport it for recycling or disposal.

Repairing a garage door
Repairing a garage door

Safe & Courteous Garage Door Installation from Reliable Garage Door Repair

If your garage door has seen better days, and you’re tired of calling for garage door repair for all the problems that keep appearing, it might be time to consider overhead door installation. From helping you choose a new door to removing the old door, as well as installation of the new door and hauling away your old door, Reliable Garage Door Repair takes care of everything, so you can start using your new garage door right away without waiting.

When it comes to installing your residential garage door, only the best will do. That is why our technicians are trained and certified to install any garage door, no matter the size or style.

Whether you need emergency garage door repair or replacement, or you’re just in the planning stages for a new garage door, contact us today to get started on your overhead door installation project.